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SO-R-XXX Series

SO-R-XXX Series 

●A reflective sensor, based on the bi-directional infrared shooting alternating signal detecting technology
●High sensitivity. Minimum detection size 1.0*5.0mm
●Applications: paper detection, card detection, medical equipment such as pill counting machine


Be applied to detect a piece of paper or a card in the paper slot of a paper shredder
Traditionally, an infrared interruptive sensor is used to detect a piece of paper. This sensor
●can only detect a A4 size paper
●to detect any paper smaller than A4 size, the paper must be right in the front of the sensor
In contrast with the traditional sensor, our new sensor makes use of bi-directional infrared shooting alternating signal detecting technology, which solves the above problems. Our sensor
●can detect the A4 size paper easily
●can detect small size card than A4 paper
●is sensitive enough to detect a card wherever the card is inserted. Thus, no necessary to insert a card right in front of the sensor.