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Optical Sensor


The photoelectric sensor is a sensor that uses a photoelectric element as a detecting element. It first converts the measured change into a change in the optical signal, and then further converts the optical signal into an electrical signal by means of the optoelectronic component. Photoelectric sensors generally consist of a light source, an optical path, and a photovoltaic element.

Photoelectric sensors are controlled by converting changes in light intensity into changes in electrical signals.

Photoelectric sensors are generally composed of three parts, which are divided into: transmitter, receiver and detection circuit.

Application principle:






The photoelectric liquid level sensor is a new type of contact point liquid level measurement and control device that utilizes the principle of light reflection and refraction at the interface of two different media. The photoelectric liquid level sensor has the advantages of simple structure, high positioning precision, no mechanical parts, no need for debugging, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, low power consumption, small volume, etc. It also has high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strong corrosion resistance and stable chemical properties, small impact on the measured medium.

All components inside the photoelectric liquid level sensor are resin-sealed, and there are no mechanical moving parts inside the sensor. Therefore, the sensor has high reliability, long life and maintenance-free. The sensor can also be free from debugging and calibration, thus Install directly to apply.

It can be widely used in chemical, petrochemical, chemical fiber, fertilizer, food, medicine, transportation and military industries in the production, storage and transportation and a variety of liquid storage tanks.




The photoelectric sensor uses a photoelectric element as a detecting element and can detect all objects capable of emitting light, and generally consists of a light source, an optical path and a photoelectric element. The photoelectric detection method has the advantages of high precision, fast response, non-contact, etc., and has many measurable parameters, and the sensor has a simple structure, a flexible form, and a small volume.

It can be widely used in printers, shredders, copiers, various office automation, automobiles, household appliances, light industrial automation and other equipment.